Ball Hero Adventure


 Start an extremely thrilling adventure in Heroball Adventures. You are a brave ball and your best friends are being kidnapped. Quickly rescue them from the evil bastard now!

 Ball Hero Adventure depicts an extremely urgent situation. Things wouldn't matter if the kidnappers didn't show up and take your friends away. So it's time to make a rescue with the heroic Red Ball character! If you don't rescue the people you're scared of, they'll be in danger. So what you need to do right now is to use the great skills of a hero to quickly rescue them to safety and bring them home. Luckily they can still wait on a great friend like you! You are a talented, intelligent, and agile person. You are a hero. Are you ready to Rescue your friends? Good luck!


  • Pay attention to jumping and landing correctly while crossing the gaps or you will fall down!
  • Always remember that you need to rescue them in the shortest amount of time possible!
  • There are hundreds of enemies that will try to ruin your mission even they attack you so you need to pay attention and you have to kill them by jumping on them and blowing them up.
  • Reach for the red flag before it's too late! Enjoy the excitement and good luck!


How to play

You use arrow keys or WASD keys to control your character.