Beavus is a great cute game! You will play the role of Beavus, an extremely adorable squirrel. Your task is to collect wood and return home.

 Beavus is a simple one-button platformer that features a funny-looking squirrel. The goal is to collect all the wood in the level and return it to the nest. You will have to solve puzzles to collect wood. Because they are so high you cannot jump to them. Click anywhere to jump and try to avoid all the obstacles and hazards from the environment. There are many challenges waiting for you ahead. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase in the following levels. Will you be able to complete all the levels in this fun game? If you find it difficult, ask your friends for help! Have fun playing the game!

You need to correctly determine your Jump Time well to get the wood. And keep in mind that Beavus will turn around and run in the opposite direction if he's left unchecked for too long or because he's stopped by a cliff. You have to keep an eye on that guy.

How to play

Click to jump.