Bottle Shoot


 Real Bottle Shooting is the most popular fun bottle shooting game. Control the baseball to knock down all the bottles arranged in the level to go to the next level.

Do you enjoy playing shooting games? Bottle Shoot is an entertaining and addictive slingshot game that will keep you entertained for hours! Break the Earth's colorful bottles by knocking them down, testing your talents, and progressing through numerous levels! Bottle crushing and firing is your new favorite game! DROP THE BOTTLES TO THE GROUND You'll have limitless hours of fun trying your slingshot abilities with this simple and entertaining bottle-busting machine game! Have fun and use the furious ball in front of you to smash all of the bottles!

 Our Bottle Shoot game features a variety of hard stages in which you can put your slingshot abilities to the test. There are 36 levels in which you can test your skills. You must use your intellect to knock down all of the bottles in each level of this bottle hurling game, and if you succeed in breaking all of the bottles, you will move to even more challenging levels. at that point in the bottle, As you go through the game, the difficulty increases, giving you the opportunity to be the last player standing.

How to play

Drag the mouse at the ball position, then aim at a precise angle, then release to let the ball bounce back to the target charge.