Bounce and Roll!


 Bounce and Roll! is a rolling game that's a lot of fun! Assist the character in reaching the goal. He can only turn and roll forward because he lacks legs. On your journey, collect the asterisks and overcome the difficulties. Not only is agility important in this game, but so is the ability to figure out how to get around a given obstacle.

  • The standard bounce rules apply, but keep an eye on where you bounce these balls! When you're trying to design, moving weights and a sloping plank adds to the difficulties.
  • The board has the ability to return as soon as it left you! Place the Game Tray between the players on the playing surface.
  • When a player draws and faces up one of the specially constructed challenge cards, the game begins.

How to play

  • To scroll, use the bottom left corner's push button.
  • By clicking on obstacles, you can destroy them.