Eggy Car


 In the game Eggy Car, you will have to control a convertible car and a giant egg on your car? This is a crazy challenge because it seems impossible. But it will be fun. Eggy Car car control game challenges you to drive a giant egg on a beautiful convertible. Your mission is to get home as quickly as possible without breaking the egg on the car and collect rewards along the way. Note that this is a game based on the main physics, so keeping the balance for the egg is very difficult. It will shake and even pop out at any time while the vehicle is moving. Absolutely do not make the egg fall out because it will break immediately and you will not be able to complete this task.
 A cool bonus that you can collect along the way will allow you to freeze the egg on the vehicle, allowing you to accelerate without causing the egg to shoot out or lose balance. This is great, isn't it? But pay attention when the egg starts flashing, it will soon return to its original state. Have fun driving the Easter egg home with your family for a moment. This could be the most fun you get on vacation.


  • 2D drawings that are colorful and adorable.
  • For players of all ages, Eggy Car provides amusing and difficult gaming.
  • There are five different cars to unlock.
  • Controls for the game are simple and intuitive.


How to play

  • To move forward, press the D key or the right arrow key.
  • To move, press A or the left arrow key.