Helix Jump Advanced


Helix Jump Advanced is a fun and exciting, challenging game of Helix Jump. Try to drop your ball down the spiral tower without hitting the green block.

Your mission is to control a ball to fall through the crevices to guide a bouncing ball down a sequence of circular levels. On your way down, avoid the spikes and obstacles!

The gameplay of Helix Jump Advanced is simple to understand. Mastering your reflexes and perception is the key. You must spin the platforms to align the bouncing ball with the cracks to steer it. For a combination move and more points, do this in quick succession.
You can utilize the points you earn to unlock new skins for the levels and your ball.

Features of the games

  • New levels, new challenges
  • Changeable ball models
  • Pick your power-ups
  • A random background color on each new game

How to play

  • Press AD or left/right arrow keys
  • Ordrag left mouse button to rotate