Merge Cakes


 Merge Cakes is a very cute puzzle game with pretty cakes. You will get a new ball when you combine 2 of the same cake. This is great, keep trying until you reach your goal! Find out what happens when you combine all these delicious desserts!
 Do you know any cookie heaven! If you are a sweets lover, this is definitely a must-have in your cupboard! The cakes that are both sweet and pretty are really attractive and make people remember they're great taste. For your enjoyment we have created a very interesting game - Merge Cakes. Here you are as a chef. You can combine 2 identical cakes and a new cake appears! It's that simple, isn't it? But you need to accumulate enough points to be able to pass each level! Have fun in this cute puzzle game!

 Finding the perfect cake is the ultimate goal. Different sorts of cakes are available to each player. With your pals, share the cakes you have. Customers are eagerly anticipating your delectable cakes. Merge Cakes is a fun game to play. Also, bake a wide range of cakes.

How to play

  • Open the disc by dragging it to an empty space on the board.
  • Match the cakes that are the same.
  • Customers who come to see you can buy cakes.
  • To allow people to visit your store faster, tap the screen above.
  • Every four minutes enjoy the fantastic Fever mode.