Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition


 Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition is an adventure game where you have to collect stars, defeat monsters, and unlock treasure chests using as few moves as possible.


 Our ninja hero will be in the dark forest with many dangers. When he reaches a certain point in the level, you must help him by controlling your character and guiding him to jump over the obstacles that appear in his way. As your skill increases, so does your running speed, and it will eventually increase through levels with increasing difficulty!


 In the game, you will encounter monsters on this journey that can only be defeated when they are attacked with shuriken or a sword while collecting items on your way. Defeat them and collect stars and treasure mirrors.

Features of Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition

  • Great graphics and art animation
  • Obstacles and dangers
  • Level up
  • Collect stars and treasure chests

How to control

  • Click to aim 
  • Drag to shoot

Release Date

  • Dec 23, 2021