Paper.io 2


 Paper.io 2 is a multiplayer online io game in which you try to capture as much area as possible. Increase the size of your territory as much as feasible. In this online game, use your paper block to grab the area from your online opponents. Take up as much room as possible in the lobby and attempt to obtain the greatest score possible. Your tail will be exposed if you move outside of your color. When someone catches your tail, you will be disqualified. As a result, you must take chances in order to broaden your color range.

 In the game Paper.io 2, your goal is to control a square of your chosen color. Move across the map with this block to expand your region as much as possible. If someone else touches you, you can also take your own life at any time. You are not permitted to form a line in your enclosure. The objective of the game is to capture territory by creating circles that include your snake.
 This new version has enhanced graphics with realistic 3D backdrops, as well as smoother gameplay and animations. It also includes additional skins and challenges to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.


  • You need to move very skillfully.
  • Be as careful as possible because while you move out of the territory the opponent will attack you at any time.
  • You should not move too far from your territory.

How to play

Use your mouse to move your color block.