Party Animals


 Animals Party an exciting race between adorable monsters begins! You will master a very cute monster character and participate in the race with unexpected traps.
 Animals Party game is like a picnic of monsters. All are ready for this race. Who will be the winner? Our opponents are many and all very determined for the championship of this game. This game is very fun and it is loved by many people because of its high entertainment. You will feel all the stress and fatigue while playing this game. You will have to laugh when you see other opponents falling by the obstacles. Start the race to the finish line now to experience moments of real online gaming fun.

  • This game is a game of running to the finish line and overcoming obstacles so you need to master your character well. You need time to be able to control the character according to your will.
  • Not only that, you need to have the right jumping skills and good reflexes to not fall by the obstacles.
  • If you fall you will be quickly overtaken by other opponents. And you can't be a winner.