Red and Blue Red Forest


 Red and Blue Red Forest is a 2 player game. Where the character Red Ball has an extremely interesting adventure with his friend Blue Ball. These two friends are very close to each other. They are mischievous balls and extremely intelligent. So they love to explore and solve puzzles. They love to conquer difficult challenges. Can you help this couple complete this game? I think this is possible if you have a quick and logical mind.

 Continue with the series of games about mischievous Anvil balls. But this time is a very special adventure because Red Ball is not alone. He will overcome the challenges with his best friend Blue Ball. Sounds appealing, right? But don't forget this adventure cs a lot of dangerous obstacles that threaten you at any time. Try to pass all levels to reach your wonderful kingdom!

 This game you can play with your friends. It will be fun to have a friend to play with you on this dramatic adventure. But if you are alone, that's okay. You can completely control both characters and combine them well to be able to racket through the game screen.

How to play

  • Player 1
    Use the W, A, S, D keys to control the Blue Triangle.
  • Player 2
    Arrow keys to control Red Ball.