Red Ball 3


Red Ball 3 is volume 3 of the fantastic game of the Red Ball 4 series. Help the red ball to against the evil black blocks, collect all the stars along the way.

You can enjoy the more great levels in Volume 3. The planet's evil henchmen in a square-shaped world want to squash red ball. Roll your way past obstacles and gather stars along the way, but beware of the nasty villains! Besides that, there are many laser guns. Ensure that you do not touch them or their light to avoid dying. Starting this game, you will get three hearts symbolized three lives. You can die and come back to life three times. Let's appreciate them.

To take out your foes, use the up arrow key to jump on them. Using the arrow keys, guide the red ball through each level. Have a good day!

Feature of Red Ball 3

  • Level up
  • Various dangers and obstacles
  • Singleplayer

How to play

  • Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball
  • Use up arrow key to jump the ball
  • Use down arrow key to stop the bouncing ball