Red Ball 4


Red Ball 4 is one of the most interesting bouncing ball games. Roll, jump through the obstacles, bounce the ball to jump on the evil squares to take them down.

In this puzzle game, your mission is to control the ball, roll, jump, and bounce through the obstacles of all levels. Try to collect stars while conquering all of the evil. Each level has its own set of tasks, and you must complete them all while avoiding everything that comes your way. When you lose, you can replay this game. It might keep you busy for hours with over 15 levels to complete!

Navigate your red ball through each level using the arrow keys. Rollover obstacles and gather stars along the way, but watch out for the evil baddies! Use the up arrow key to jump on your adversaries and take them out. Besides that, the red ball could not fly or swim, so you must keep the ball from deep water and be quick and crafty. Use combinations of rolling and jumping.

Features of Red Ball

  • 2D side-scrolling platformer game
  • Different of puzzle challenges
  • 15 level
  • Fun music and sound effects
  • Fullscreen enabled

How to play

  • Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball
  • Use up arrow key to jump the ball
  • Use down arrow key to stop the bouncing ball