Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball


Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball is the next volume of the Red Ball game series. The squares are attacking you, and you need to save the ball world from those bad guys!

Continue the adventure of the red ball in the game Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball! Square villains are harming your planet, and you have to save the ball world from those bad guys!

Are you a fan of Red Ball and caught up on this exciting adventure in this world? In this latest version, we start a new journey of the red ball. In the beautiful world where the round balls live happily, they are attacked by the evil black squares. They want to take over your world and make everything square. You can't let this bad happen. You need immediate action to save your beautiful world!

Tips for Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball

  • There are many dangerous obstacles. Roll your way and move forward. Jump up and defeat the evil squares. Pay attention to avoid the laser if you do not want to be destroyed by it.
  • Collect coins and jump over water and spikes. Jump over moving platforms and push crates into position to manage tricky jumps.
  • When rolling the ball, get the required number of gold stars.
  • By progressing to the next level, you will locate the magical door that will allow you to guide the ball.
  • If the ball is in danger, remember to gather boxes with containers and assist the ball in bouncing to attack.

How to play

  • To roll the ball, use the right and left arrow keys.
  • You will be impressed by the Red bounce bouncing ball's rolling and jumping power if you use the up arrow key to hop the ball.
  • To keep the ball from bouncing into dangerous obstacles, use the down arrow key.