Redball Christmas Love


 We've never had any Christmas games in our dedicated Red Ball Games category, which is why we're thrilled that this is no longer the case because now that the holidays are near, we can share the new and amazing game RedBall Christmas Love with everyone here.

 In it, the wicked square has stolen the red ball's sweetheart, and now he must embark on an adventure to recover her; this is what you guys are here to assist him with, as well as to learn how to handle it; let's go together now. Now it says that to move and jump with this ball, you must use the arrow keys.

 You must reach the flag at the end of each level while avoiding losing a life by falling into the pit, hitting the spikes, hitting any square, hitting the laser beam, and other obstacles and traps along the way, because if you lose all of your lives, you must restart the level.

 Before you get to the flag, attempt to gather all of the stars and golden rings you can along the road, and don't forget to obtain the keys, since they'll help you liberate your loved one. Finally, we can only wish you luck and invite you to play even more of our fantastic new games of the day!