Slope 3


Slope 3 is an amazing endless running game where you drive your ball rolling on the slope through obstacles—high speed, easy to control, addictive gameplay.

Your mission is to use the keyboard arrow keys to control a ball rolling on the slope and avoid falling into deep space. Be careful with each small adjustment to its movements because the ball is easier than you thought. Besides that, the longer you run on the race, the faster the ball rolls on course. You need to have the exact reflexes and fast hand speed. You can dodge obstacles is often in step with the beat, turn on your speakers and enjoy the ride! Different portions with fascinating new sounds, colors, and powers require extra attention as you go through the stages. It's a fantastic musical adventure!

Features of the games

  • Creative neon graphics
  • Rapidly changing slope
  • Tons of crazy obstacles: roadblocks, treacherous pits and walls.
  • Full-screen mode available

How to play

  • LEFT ARROW = Move Left
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move Right
  • Avoid obstacles, and adjust for a little