Snail Bob


 Snail Bob is an incredibly fun platformer arcade game! There is a lost snail. So poor! Please help the snail overcome the obstacles to find his way home!
 Perhaps this snail was swept away by a great storm from his beloved village. After the rain stopped he was in a place far away from his beloved village. And he begins his journey back to his homeland because of his family and friends.   They must have been very worried about his condition. Use your wits to help him get home safely.
At each level, you have to operate many mechanical devices such as levers to allow the snail Bob to pass unharmed. As you go, the difficulties become more challenging, and you'll need to rely on your reasoning and puzzle-solving abilities to keep going. Try to get three stars on each level - don't worry if you fail at the start, you can always replay each level afterward!
  • Fun game based on the famous movie Snail Bob.
  • Cute animations in eye-catching colors.
  • There are many unimaginable obstacles.
  • How to play is simple but needs to use Logical thinking ability.

How to play

Use the mouse to choose the way to solve the puzzle that you think makes the most sense.