Join the extremely fun snowball game in the game Snowball.io. The player controls a character or a snow cart. Let's create a big online ball and push towards your opponent! There is an extremely interesting snowball game. A snowfield filled with many players. Can you be a snowball champion? try gay now!
 This game is extremely special with a snowfield holding the sea. It looks like it's a piece of ice that got separated from the land and drifted in the sea. There are many different players participating in this match. They are both very good snow throwers. They always find a way to push the snow in to make you pop out. What you need to do is the same, try to move to create a large ball then push it to the opponent's charge, causing the opponent to bounce out and fall into the sea. When you can defeat all the players on the snowfield, that's when you win.

  • This is a game that requires movement and aiming skills.
  • Try to make a snowball as big as possible. It will cause your opponent to be bounced away.
  • Pay attention to the movement of the snowballs on the playing field. If you see snowballs rolling towards you, try to avoid them. Never let it hit you. you will pop out immediately and lose.

How to play

You hold the left mouse button while controlling your snow cart by moving the mouse. If you want to shoot the snow, release the mouse.