Super Heroes Ball


 Are you a fan of Spider-Man? He's cool with special abilities. Spider-Man is one of the most important members of the Marvel heroes. He is a hero. He used his special power to fight the evil monsters and protect everyone. That's why one of our games was created based on this great character. Super Heroes Ball is a brand new video game related to the Marvel hero Spider-Man. Your task is to control the Spider-Man ball to overcome the obstacles and reach the end of each level. The objective of the game is to complete each level, but the game is not only about hanging and swinging, you also have to stop different spider enemies from rushing in.

 If you enjoy playing online Red Ball Games, you'll love it even more if the format is modified to include the balls of superheroes such as Spider-Man or Thor, which is exactly what you'll receive. Yes, right now and right here!


  • This game is very simple to play. However, to pass the screen you need to use spirit and intelligence. First of all, the simplest thing that you need to do is the ability to jump at the right time and accurately because there will be a lot of deep holes appearing on the way. Then you need to solve the challenges that have been arranged in the game screen. This requires your unique ability.
  • Be sure to collect power-ups that can come in handy along the way, or stars, which we hope you'll collect as much as possible.

How to play

The arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys are used to move and jump.