Swipe Ball


 Swipe Ball is a popular and most loved game in the genre of unlimited strategy games with round balls. Your task is to move to avoid colliding with other balls. They continuously appear from all sides and move straight towards you. You need to avoid them. Because the day balls are very dangerous. They will blow you up. By their very nature, they are the challenges we want to set for you. You need to have a clear strategy and observe quickly or you will not be able to avoid them in time.
 The thing to note here is that your range of movement is limited to a chessboard. And you can only move in 4 directions according to the squares on it. So this is a tough challenge. If you are a talented person and have excellent tactics. I believe you will set a record at this game.


 While sitting and dodging the annoying bombs, you must move sideways and up to gather awards and jewels in order to update your score. Collect health lives to keep the game from bursting and set the record for the highest score ever. To pass explosives and move in stealth mode, get shields. Enjoy the game for as long as you like and play it to the end. Play an excellent strategy game for free indefinitely.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move your ball in the direction you want.